Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries In The World

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 The world has many beautiful countries where nature is spreading its beauty without mercy and hesitation. But here we are providing you the list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries in the World that are enough beautiful and can make crazy to anyone through its looks.

1. Itlay

There is city, Florence and Rome with their varied design, the natural masterpiece that’s Toscana with its vineyards, rolling hills and snow-peaked mountains.

Then there is the right naturalist painting that’s the Amalfi Coast or Lake Maggiore and also the Alps and you get the sense that no country on Earth offers the maximum amount beauty anyplace you switch as European nation.


2. Spain:

Spain is the most beautiful country which has heart taking places that are proof of its beauty.There are many other architectural beautiful places that are telling their past history. It is most seductive, passionate and feeling full country on which every one can fall in love withit.

This country is made by the people that migrate from the villages to these cities where they build their city that are now treasure of this country. To top it all off, there are some of the world’s grandest, most powerful and incomparable architectural treasures, from the Alhambra to the Great Mosque of Cordoba.


3. France:

France is considered among the most beautiful country.  The City of France, Paris is the most romantic, passionate and dreamy for the lovers. But this is not enough; France has more very beautiful places such as its villages where there are many historical places, their style of living etc. if you want to see more places – see the majesty of Mont St. Michel, the numerous chateaux all over the country and the spectacular panorama of the Chamonix valley.

Beautiful Eiffel tower

4. Australia:

Australia is quite a rustic; it is a continent and still quite that. It’s its own world, from the Outback and therefore the Uluru-Kata Tjuta parkland with its world-renowned stone to the Cacadu parkland.


It’s actually wild parks and a large vary of landscapes that build Australia therefore extraordinary, from the Morning ton solid ground parkland facing the open ocean to the good coral reef that is one among the natural wonders of the globe, to the unspoiled tropical quarter day Islands, then again there is state capital and its harbor, one among the foremost stunning and painting urban areas. Australia has it all, to be loved before or when a ride down the good Ocean Road.

5. Greece:

Greece is the beautiful Greek island which is located on the Blue water of the Aegean Sea, which is considered among the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Whereas Athens disappoints those longing for aesthetic inspiration, Greece could be a country that really satisfies all the senses and it’s comprehensible however the thought of such a large amount of gods originated here.

Greece - Beautiful Country in Europe

6. Portugal:

For the primeval natural miracles of the volcanic Azores alone, European country would air this list. Then there is the “floating garden” that’s Madeira,130314114654-competitiveness-report-bolivia-story-top the dramatic lineation and mystical capes of the terra firma, the serene plains of the Alentejo with the stunningly-sited white medieval villages of Marvão and Monsaraz, the Peneda-Gerês parkland, or the proper collaboration of man and nature within the magic fantasy of Sintra and abundant Douro vale. And whereas the previous centers of Lisboa and metropolis ar inexplicably summation and cussedly neglected, it’s arduous to match their scenic beauty with their grand riverside settings.

Everything is during a little scale however once all combined its spectacular however such a lot numerous beauty somehow fits in such a small country that looks to be a favorite of the sun.

7. United States of America


It is most populated and has most foulest places where there are shopping malls, big roads with huge traffic, cheap hotels, car lots, bill boards and many other places that are most rush full areas and they are nothing of beauty. But when we travel to other areas of USA where nature spreads its beauty then you can come to admit this that America is really beautiful country in the world.

There are the archipelago, the epic scale of the Grand Canyon, the very clear waters of lake, California’s geographic region, the life in Last Frontier, the exciting scenery of Monument natural depression or of Yellowstone, Yosemite and therefore the different nice national parks, the forestland of the nice Smoky Mountains… The list of natural wonders looks to travel on forever and so there is metropolis to avoid wasting the country on the provider of beauty in an urban setting.

8. Brazil


Brazil is not rich country and there is no any architectural beauty. But the main thing about brazil is that it is great blessed by nature. It has huge natural beauty, the Amazon is best, not possible to start to imagine its magnitude, and therefore the horseshoe-shaped falls of Iguaçu frequently watched by a rainbow is one in every of the world’s most exciting sights.

The colonial baroque design of the northeast with their golden interiors mixed with singular traditions provides it one in every of the world’s most emotional atmospheres, and if the country’s different major cities weren’t thus bland (Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Fortaleza, Manaus)

9. South Africa


Cape Town is one in all the world’s most stunning cities and therefore the statesman park is one in all the foremost unforgettable experiences on the world for anyone World Health Organization visits. South Africa offers epic diversity of landscapes, from the Bleed stream canon to the Drakensberg Mountains.

With all of that it’s virtually straightforward to forget that it is also a rustic filled with issues with a capital town that’s best avoided, however escape to the Cape and grab your camera to photograph bushed between and you will be savoring one in all the foremost awing territories on the world.

10. Germany


Germany could be a place of fairytales and subject field jewels. they don’t seem to be essentially found within the largest cities (Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, or Cologne that are additional spirited than beautiful) however Munich has its charms and smaller cities like urban center, Leipzig and Potsdam are preserved or fixed to fairytale visual percept.

However the important storybook Deutschland is found right along Bavaria’s Romantic Road with its wealth of unbelievable castles, within the Alps’ beautiful lakes and mountains, within the wizardly land of the Rhine with its vineyards or within the attractive forest. Begin to tour the country and you may discover a land of constant surprises, from the university town of Heidelberg, to previous Bremen or Bamberg, to the splendidly preserved medieval cities of Regensburg and Rothenberg.

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